Water History PHL

The History of Philadelphia's Watersheds and Sewers

  • Native American Heritage Day
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    Native American Heritage Day

    Celebrating the Lenapehoking Watershed in Word and Map Last year on this day we published this post about a map depicting Philadelphia before European settlement, when it was part of what the indigenous people call Lenapehoking (Land of the Lenape). The map was created by Meg Lemieur, a Philadelphia artist, with help from Trinity Norwood,…

  • Visionary planning report for Philadelphia region, 1928

    Visionary planning report for Philadelphia region, 1928

    Full title: Meadow Forest and Stream for Play Profit and Pure Water: being a suggestion for trhe use of certain neglected lands of the Tri-State District as parks, public forests, and water supply protection: by the Park and Public Preservation Committee of the Regional Planning Federation of the Philadelphia Tri-State District, April, 1928